A Dog Bite To Your Privates Might Require A PI Attorney

Let me tell you a story. My buddy Joey went out to check his mail yesterday morning, just as he did every day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping… everything was as it should be. He was half way to his mail box, when from behind him he heard someone yell out. Joey turned to see what the commotion was, but it was already too late. A shepherd mix, maybe four or five years old, was running at full speed towards him, growling and snarling. The dog’s owner chased after it, but was just too slow. It was all Joey could do to brace himself for what was to come next, the poor guy.

That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

Cut to the hospital. After several rounds of stitches, Joey lay in his hospital bed, barely able to move. Dog food ads on tv terrorized him. It’s all he can do not to think of the traumatic incident as the days pass, and he slowly recuperates. Family members bring him stuffed dogs, trying to make light of the situation, but Joey isn’t having it. What happened was uncalled for, and he needs piece of mind, and financial compensation.

Now here’s where things get complicated- the dog’s owner doesn’t want to pay up. They say it was a misunderstanding, that Joey provoked the dog. This all happened early in the morning, and there were no witnesses. It’s Joey’s word against the owner’s. Looks like it’s time for Joey to hire a PI attorney.

That’s What You Call A Hit To The Groin

The day Joey was discharged from the hospital, he put in a call to an attorney on a friend’s recommendation. The friend knew better than to bring him a stuffed dog, so Joey knew to trust his judgement. An hour into Joey’s first meeting with the attorney, and he knew that he had made the right decision. The PI went to work digging up prior incidents with the dog, and any other resources and information on the owner that he could.

Within a month, the PI attorney had enough info to make a case, and before the trial even went to court, the owner and his lawyer made an offer for an out of court settlement. Just like that, Joey’s worries were over.