A Slip In The Grocery Store Can Mean A Lawsuit

Let’s face it, every time you step out the door you take your life into your hands.  In fact, most accidents happen in the home so you really don’t even have to step outside your door, for there to be a threat against your well-being or your life, albeit from some inanimate object or accidental occurrence.  It is up to the establishments in which we go about our daily affairs, to keep them as safe as possible for workers and customers alike.  That said however, every now and then some kind of wrench gets thrown into the works and lo and behold something bad happens.


You Didn’t See That Puddle on the Floor?


Though not always detectable, spills and wet floors are sometimes noticeable.  Frequently however, by the time you realize the floor beneath you is slippery, it’s too late.  If wet floor signs were up, you have only yourself to blame, thanks to the fact that everything is not only stated in English,, but with pictures and sometimes even Spanish.  Possibly that came from too many lawsuits from people who claimed not to be able to read English.  So, what about the the topic of lawsuits and people suing over slips and falls?  Let’s take a look at what happens, when you slip and fall in the store.  As just stated, if there were ample warnings and or wet floor signs, you really should have been more careful.  If however, there were no signs and you slip and fall in the store, you are probably the perfect candidate for starting a lawsuit against the store, for injuries received in the fall.  It will need to be determined eventually, whether or not your fall was a result of negligence on the part of the store.


Is America Sue Happy?


Fast answer, yes they are.  No one is willing to take responsibility for their own actions anymore.  Even worse are the scam artists, that walk into buildings, seemingly fall and get hurt and then bring bogus lawsuits against the establishment,s in which they supposedly fell.  It happens every day.  These are the people who are ruining it for the people who actually do get seriously injured, because of the negligence of someone else.  If you fall and receive an injury and someone else is truly to blame for that, there’s no reason why you should not receive compensation, through a lawsuit.  Chances are you will be able to settle out of court, with the right representation.  But, to bring these false lawsuits into court is a waste of everyone’s time and money.


Personal injury lawyers and lawsuits are there to serve those individuals that need them and truly deserve some type of compensation for something that happened to them.  Frivolous lawsuits will only serve to drive up insurance costs and sour juries against those who may well be legitimately injured. Don’t be that guy (or gal) who cries ‘wolf’.