Ain’t That a Kick in the Head!


All joking aside however, one of the most spectacular lawsuits in the news today is of course the attempts to reach a settlement between the NFL and former players suffering from the effects of concussions. To date, players numbering somewhere around 180,000 will be provided for with a settlement of approximately $765 million.

Not a Game for the Faint of Heart

Though played by children, the get down and dirty game of football is certainly not childish in the least. Big, brawny men have been reduced to bawling, babbling little boys after severe hits on the field. Concussions are frequently short-term problems but can result in long-term damage – particularly when the injury is repeated over and over again. To see some of the hits that these men are subjected to, click here. And when these injuries do involve children, such as in the case of high school football and college football, the devastation can be even greater. Young lives cut needlessly short or altered forever because of a game. To many of us of course, football is more than a game, and that includes the players.

Wasn’t He a Really Famous Sports Figure?

It isn’t just rookies that are subjected to this type of punishment either. Players that have made one heck of a name for themselves have suffered tremendous life-changing and/or career ending head injuries after being blindsided by an overly zealous tackler. The game is rough and tumble, there can be no doubt. And many of the hits received by these players are perfectly legal in a game that, some feel, is too violent.

There is of course another side to the coin when it comes to violence in football. Real football fanatics insist that many of the penalties being called by referees today are turning to game into nothing more than a game of touch football. Quarterbacks in particular are protected to the best of the referees abilities. Regardless, does this lawsuit threaten to forever change the way the game is played? And if so, for worse or for the better?