Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Latest Lawsuits


Some people still don’t get it. You simply have to make adequate arrangements for people with disabilities to get into your facility, use the restroom, reach the counter, drink out of a water fountain, access a raised incline, etc. And you have to allow their service dogs – something that has really been in the news lately. If you don’t make these adequate arrangements expect a visit from a lawyer citing the Americans with Disabilities Act in a lawsuit. They are most likely representing a customer that you have, in one way or another, wronged.

It’s a Beautiful Day for a Dip in the Pool…

… Unless of course there is no pool lift and you are disabled to the point of needing one to enter and exit the hotel/motel pool. The law enforcing the installation of pool lifts is one that is relatively new to the books. January of last year saw its induction into regulation. The hospitality industry is definitely going to take a hit financially because these lifts are pricey little endeavors. That said however, the hospitality industry should be used to having to abide by ADA rules and regulations for some time now. An article appearing on the Internet cited eight hotel/motels with lawsuits pending against them as a result of noncompliance with this regulation.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – Including ADA Lawsuits

Apparently Texas takes their claim of everything being bigger very seriously. Back in 2008, the ADA lawsuits in Texas numbered a simple 122. An online article states that this year’s total has reached 281 and shows no signs of declining. Of course this is right on track since nationwide, 2008 saw over 2888 lawsuits and last year just over 5000. Whether or not all were justified remains to be seen.

As with most things, the filing of lawsuits citing the Americans with Disabilities Act has been taken to extreme limits. Frivolous lawsuits are not confined to people without disabilities. On the contrary, any number of unnecessary lawsuits have seen the inside of a courtroom on many occasions citing the ADA as their basis. When in doubt, consult a legal representative.