Are Auto Related Injury Claims on the Rise?

Auto related injuries are some of the most common and prevalent insurance claims filed. There does seem to be a rise in insurance claims of this type in the last ten years. In the past three years, the IRC (Insurance Research Council) reported in their 2011 report that the normal offset of frequency in injury claims by adequate insurance coverage had decreased considerably and the frequency of claims increased as well. This means there were more people filing injury claims than ever before possibly due to the higher cost of premiums with respect to medical and bodily injury coverage as well as high costs for medical treatment.

When is a Claim Needed?

If you are in an automobile related accident and you have suffered physical injury you need to file a claim. If the injuries are severe enough your deductible may be sufficient to even out your medical bills. But if the insurance deductable is higher than what your medical bills are many people are opting out filing a claim. This is pretty much common sense. States with “no fault insurance” have been at the forefront of this kind of claim activity and of course there is a great deal of claim abuse raising insurance costs on a daily basis.

Good News for Some

With a rise of bodily injury claims being filed, one industry that sees a benefit are the injury lawyers. It’s through them people can expect to receive the greatest benefit from their insurance coverage. Even the friendliest insurance companies will try to expedite a claim hoping you will settle for whatever they decide. Having an injury lawyer on your side can make a huge difference in the kind of settlement you receive to take care of your injuries.