Changes in Personal Injury Law

Indianapolis law is influenced by precedents set by personal injury cases that have happened around the country. A personal injury case from an incident that occurred ten years ago in the state of Maryland has forever changed the way the freight, broker and trucking industries operate. Negligence and due diligence now extend beyond the trucking company at fault all the way to the brokers and third party lenders that hire the freight companies for the shipment.


Freight Frights

These organizations are now accountable for hiring truckers and trucking companies that meet all of the federal minimum safety standards. A family ended up settling for approximately four million dollars after a minor was killed in an in an incident whether the trucker failed to make a complete traffic stop while entering the highway.  This trucker was also not safe to be on the road according to minimum federal safety standards. The plaintiffs were able to file a lawsuit against the trucking company, broker and 3pl responsible for the shipment. This incident put the entire industry on edge, extending the liability to hire proper workers all the way up the chain.


Extended Liabilities

This has changed the way these organizations conduct businesses and form contracts in every state including Indiana. This has also given insurance companies the leeway to increase insurance premiums on these types of organizations. The judge made it clear that everyone would be held responsible for the loss of human life due to negligence by any party. Because there were multiple opportunities to avoid the risk, all of the interested parties were held accountable.


Personal injury cases of any nature can be extremely sensitive and costly to all parties that are involved, many times the impact and ramifications reverberate far beyond the scope of the initial incident and can change or set precedent for future incidents around the country.