Convenience Store Safety – How New Law Would Affect Employees

Convenience store jobs are some of the easiest jobs to get anywhere in the United States but, they are also the most dangerous jobs.

Marcella Birnell was a normal 45 year old woman who wanted to earn additional income for her family and decided to take one of those “easy” convenience store jobs at the Village Pantry Store. Not long after she started working there, she was shot in the head during a botched robbery attempt.

Shedding New Light on Dangers

While Marcella is still recovering from her head injury, her brother, Peter Tole is bringing her story to the attention of the entire state by trying to get a new law passed that will help to protect people who work in convenience store positions.
The law which will be called “Marci’s Law” will require all convenience stores to be fitted with partitions that are bulletproof. This wall of protection would give any convenience store owner or employee enough time to call the police and stay safe until help arrives.

Mr. Tole said: “These corporations are playing Russian Roulette with the lives of our family members,” Tolle said. “The corporations will not voluntarily provide the protection for the people who are on the frontline collecting the cash to hand over to them. It has to be done by law. They have to be forced by law to provide basic protection of these minimum wage workers who have no voice, no representation, and nobody listening to them.”

Cost Per Store

During the process of laying the foundation for the new law Peter Tolle researched the cost of bulletproof partitions and found that they cost an average of $7,500.

Mr. Tolle has also contacted other former and current employees of Village Pantry Store who have been victims of gun violence and is rallying more supporters behind the law.
Until the law gets passed it remains to be seen if corporations will do more to protect hard working, minimum wage workers like Marcella Barnwell since the economic recession has forced many companies to cut costs.