Crazy Courtroom Catastrophes


You would think of that, being in a court of law, that the accused might feel somewhat intimidated and – out of nothing more than necessity – show a little respect. If that is what you thought, you couldn’t be further from the truth. And some people just never learn. Even after things are already bad enough, they just insist on making it worse. Warning: the videos below may not be suited for everyone.

Seriously? You Did Not Just Do That!

Poor little Penelope and her potty mouth. She had appeared in court to face a charge of having a few too many prescription drugs in her possession. The judge did find her guilty and imposed what he felt was a reasonable sentence. She apparently did not agree and proceeded to show him (in no uncertain terms) her disagreement by flipping him the middle finger of her hand in a gesture that most of us are all too familiar with. Much to her dismay however, a $10,000 fine soon got a 30 day jail sentence added to it. You should have seen her face! Priceless. (See 2:10 on Youtube video.)

You Gotta Love Those Television Courtrooms

Even though fact is usually stranger than fiction, TV courtrooms draw fine line between reality and make-believe. They do however offer some of the most priceless courtroom moments available for viewing by the public. Judge Joe Brown, Divorce Court, Judge Judy… all of these can be relied upon to take a crazy situation and make it even crazier. Of course the judges on TV frequently have a looser environment in which to operate but this is certainly not to say that the judges in the official court systems don’t get to have their say in no uncertain terms.

The system dictates that everyone is entitled to their day in court. Sadly, for some… They’d be better off just pleading guilty and taking their lumps.