Crazy Is As Crazy Does In The Courts


Depending upon what your lawyer is basing your defense upon, you would think that people have to be a little bit crazy to pull off some of the acts that land them in court today. Oddly enough, the craziness doesn’t always stop at the courtroom doors. Quite the contrary in fact; the final moment – when judgment and/or sentencing is announced, can prove to be the craziest moment of all. Just a word of warning: some of the videos below may not be suitable for everyone.

Saving the State The Trouble and Cost…

I don’t know about you, but I was under the impression that most prisoners are frisked before entering the courtroom. Granted, a little thing like a pill would be hard to find under the best of circumstances. That’s exactly what one man smuggled into his arson trial. One little pill. The pill was of course only to be used in the case that everything went to hell in a handbasket. To say the least, that’s exactly what happened. As the verdict was read – guilty – the now convicted arsonist seemingly slipped something into his mouth and took a drink from his plastic water bottle. Moments later he was lying dead on the floor of the courtroom.

An Eye for an Eye – or a Life for a Life

A teenager might not be old enough to vote but he is certainly old enough to be sentenced to death for carjacking, and the rape and murder of another human being. A bad decision is undoubtedly what prompted the entire mess in the first place, but a worse decision prompted one of the craziest courtroom battles found on the Internet. Upon hearing the judge’s death sentence, this teen sat smoldering for several seconds – finally erupting in violence. (Probably instigated by wailing family members.)

High anxiety, high drama, and high emotions frequently accompany courtroom decisions that can affect, alter or end the life of the single individual seated at the defense table. But what’s crazier? The act that got them there, the assumption that they could get away with it, the judgment passed down upon them or their reaction when all is said and done?