Dealing with a Stressful Lawsuit

When you are facing any situation where the outcome is unknown, you are bound to feel a bit of stress.  Depending on the situation itself, you may be under quite a bit of stress.  When it comes to lawsuits, even the most iron clad representation cannot guarantee the outcome of a case.  The money, time and energy spent on a lengthy lawsuit can make some people just give it up before seeing it through to the end.  Well, if the matter was important enough to file a lawsuit, chances are that it is important enough to stick it out to the end.  You simply have to find a better way of coping with the stress than just giving up.


No Guaranteed Winner


Lawsuits are absolutely unpredictable affairs.  If you are the plaintiff in the case, you likely filed the lawsuit based on your understanding of the law and your rights.  However, just because you understood the law to mean a certain thing, don’t assume that a judge will agree with your interpretation.  Still, when you begin feeling that stress tighten around your chest, just remember, you filed this lawsuit for the right reasons, no matter what the outcome.  If you are the defendant in the case, you do have a bit more to be stressed about, since it is your actions that are being called into question.  Even if you feel you have done nothing wrong to warrant this lawsuit, there is always the chance that the judge will agree with the Plaintiff.  When you begin to feel some stress as a defendant, remember the burden of proof is on the Plaintiff, so all you have to do is be honest and defend yourself.


You Are Prepared


You and your attorney will spend hours perfecting your legal strategy.  You will go over every fine detail of your case many times over, you will practice your cross examination until you are prepared for any curve ball the other side can throw are you, and your attorney will know each statute that he will be using for your defense almost verbatim.  In other words, you are ready for this.  Yes, it will still be a bit stressful but anytime you start feeling some panic, just remember you have done all that you can.


All lawsuits are stressful.  The outcome is uncertain and preparation itself can leave you drained.  Just remember, you are as prepared as you can ever possibly be and you are here because you believe your actions were the best actions, in a particular situation.  If you give off a sense of confidence to your opposing party, they may be the one who winds up feeling the pressure of the stress.