Do You Have a Case if You Did Something Wrong?

If you have ever been served with a lawsuit, you know the immediate feeling of dread that accompanies that complaint.  Sometimes, these lawsuits may be frivolous and you may feel that not only have you done nothing wrong, but that you may even want to counter sue, because you feel you were the one wronged in the situation.  Other times, however, you are served with a valid lawsuit, on a matter in which you are fully aware that you were in the wrong.  Honestly, those lawsuits are the most stressful to receive and you may not even attend your first hearing for fear of the outcome.  This shouldn’t be the case!  Even if you feel you were in the wrong, your attorney has a duty and obligation to provide you with the best defense possible.


You Are Not an Attorney


Lawsuits are not won on personal feelings or on morality; they are won based on the facts of the law.  In other words, just because you may feel that you are in the wrong, it doesn’t mean that the law agrees.  Attorneys will go to school for years so that they can be well versed in the law and, in the case of defense attorneys, much of their focus is on how to use the law to benefit their clients when their clients may be guilty.  This expertise will come in handy in cases that are more difficult to defend and, in fact, some attorneys just love the challenge.


Best Representation Possible


Your attorney has a legal responsibility to provide you with the best defense possible and that is exactly what you will get.  Your attorney will find cases that are similar to yours to research the best strategies and avoid the pitfalls that some other attorneys in their position may have fallen into.  Your attorney will find statutes that can deflect any accusations hurled at your by the opposing side.  Your attorney will walk you through the process step by step and will do everything in his or her power to make sure that you have a case.  Considering all that they are willing to do for you, it’s surprising that they still have such a bad reputation.


Whether or not you feel you are in the wrong in a particular situation, the law may see it differently.  Even if the law says you are in the wrong, a good attorney may be able to make the law see differently.  A great defense attorney can be your best friend in a case like this as long as you always remember that it is your obligation to put up a fight, even when you think you may be in the wrong.