Facebook Privacy and Personal Injury Cases

Many people familiar with Indianapolis law are surprised to find out that their Facebook photos can be used as evidence against defendants in personal injury cases. Cases in Canada are setting precedents that would allow the courts to use photos from the social networking site as evidence against plaintiffs or defendants in order to corroborate their or discredit their case. People have privacy settings on Facebook but many do not realize that this does not bar the courts or judge to using documents from the site as evidence in hearings.


Be Careful what you Post in Indianapolis

It is very important to be honest when filing a personal injury case in Indianapolis or any other state. It is very easy to provide evidence based on hearsay for people that have Facebook accounts. Investigators can speak with friends and family and use documents from the website to corroborate or discredit people’s stories about the genuineness of the defendants or plaintiffs account of the incident.


Controlling Facebook

The best way to control this type of scenario is to be weary of the photos and conversations you choose to have on Facebook or not to have a Facebook account at all. Anything that is posted on Facebook is admissible in court and may be used as evidence for or against your case. Experts suggest using two Facebook accounts; one for personal use and one for professional use, law students and business professionals should be particularly weary of how they use this social networking websites.


Whether you live in Canada or Indianapolis, it is important to keep a close reign on how you use your Facebook account if you are involved with a personal injury lawsuit or if you are involved with the law or looking for a job with a major company or brand.