Favorite Personal Injury Lawyer Jokes

Everyone has their favorite attorney joke, including attorneys. Attorneys are generally considered one of the least liked professionals, so it is no surprise that there are so many attorney jokes floating around. There are a few different reasons to learn a few of these jokes and if you know even just a few, it could wind up helping you in certain situations.

Ice Breakers

One great use for a lawyer joke is when you are meeting an attorney for the first time and need to break the ice. Meeting an attorney for the first time is a lot like going on a blind date – you are each trying to size the other up, you may both be a bit nervous to be the first to talk, and by the end of the date, either you will have a new relationship or you will never want to see the other again. So, like a blind date, it helps to walk into the attorney’s office a bit hopeful and with a few one-liners to get the conversation going.

A Few Jokes

If you are in dire need of a few attorney jokes to break the ice, here are a few that may help:

How many PI attorneys does it take to change a light bulb?
Three – one to turn the bulb, one to shake him off the ladder, and one to sue the ladder company.

What’s the difference between a PI attorney and a pit bull?

How do you get a group of PI attorneys to smile for a picture?
You tell them to just say “FEES!”

What’s the difference between a good PI attorney and a great one?
A good PI attorney knows the law, a great PI attorney knows the judge.

The important thing to remember is that if you are telling a lawyer joke to a lawyer, you do so with a bit of love in your heart. After all, a joke is only a joke, when it’s meant as one. Otherwise, a joke can actually be considered rather rude. Lawyers do have a great sense of humor and once you realize this, it is much easier to relax, when speaking to one.