From the Legal ‘Strange but True’ Files

Not all legal cases are those seen on the ever popular TV series Law and Order. As most lawyers know, many of the legal issues tying up courts today are nothing more than nuisance cases. But hey – it’s a living and even nuisance cases can pay the bills when you are a struggling new lawyer, fresh out of the gate. Just for fun however, here are couple of cases that probably shouldn’t have seen the inside of a courtroom… But did.

McDonald’s Didn’t Make My Wife Fat, Cable TV Did

It’s good to see McDonald’s getting a break from all of the “you made me fat lawsuits”. A guy in Wisconsin that apparently has a hard time getting up off the couch – for various reasons – decided to sue the cable company because his channel surfing kids were lazy and his wife had become extremely overweight. And he wasn’t suing for money mind you. Oh no, all he wanted was lifetime Internet service and three new computers. Apparently being parked in front of a TV screen trumps vegging out in front of the computer screen. The judge suggested that he and his family could’ve watched something else and possibly execute a little exercising while doing so.

The ‘Bear’ Facts

Nearly every lawyer knows that some people will sue absolutely anyone for absolutely any reason. One financially devastated beekeeper however decided that he would take on what he considered to be the reason for his financial struggle – a bear. Even though loud music and flashing lights were used as a distraction this poor beekeeper could not discourage the local bear from raiding his hives of all their honey. Oddly enough, he won his court case. Mother Nature was not forthcoming however with payment for any damages.

I suppose you have to give credit where credit is due – sometimes you get an ‘A’ for effort if nothing else.