Harbinger of a Recall

The dictionary defines the word harbinger as “an omen or a sign that foreshadows a future event.” It’s too bad, then, that Harbinger Fitness of Fairfield, California couldn’t have foreseen the recall of their Ab Straps. Their device (comprised of two 17.5″ straps made of nylon webbing) is one that is suspended from an overhead surface, with the user holding onto straps in order to elevate him or herself for the purposes of doing abdominal exercises.

In the Interests of Good Health…

It might well be that the Ab Straps do, in fact, help tone and sculpt one’s abs. Unfortunately, though, they are being recalled due to a defective buckle that has exhibited a tendency to break during use, which has resulted in two people sustaining lacerations to the head and neck. They have been sold in such stores as Play It Again Sports, and online on sites such as Amazon.com, in the $20 price range.

Better Safe than Out of Business

Manufactured in China, the Harbinger Ab Straps that are subject to recall have been sold since 2006. The Consumer Products Safety Commission recommends that anyone who owns this product stop using it immediately, and contact Harbinger Fitness for an upgraded replacement model. Harbinger can be reached at (800) 729-5954 or their website, www.harbingerfitness.comwww.harbingerfitness.com .

The CPSC estimates that over 4,100 Ab Straps may have been purchased, and both they and the manufacturer are hopeful that nobody else’s pursuit of health and fitness will be compromised by an injury sustained while using this exercise device. With only a couple of injuries having been reported so far, some may say they are exhibiting an undue amount of caution. Harbinger, however, would likely tout their response as the actions of a concerned corporate citizen looking out for the well-being of its customers.