Have Anti-Texting Videos Gone Too Far?


You know things must be getting serious when schools and police departments start publishing videos that seemingly broach the level of what many consider decency. This latest trend has been developed as a scare tactic to warn drivers (teenage drivers in particular) about the dangers of texting and driving. To see one of the most talked about videos of this kind click here.

How Big of a Problem Is Texting and Driving?

Though the numbers for 2013 are still out, statistics prior to a couple of years ago attribute cell phone use in one way or another to a whopping 23% of automobile accidents. That translates into over 1.2 million accidents in the United States alone. And if you think that teenagers are getting the message, in 2012, answering a text message while driving was still a problem among nearly 50% of driving teenagers. But texting is only part of the problem, because even talking on your cell phone – whether hands-free or not – can be just enough of a distraction to cause an accident. Almost 59% of people that drive will actually admit to having a conversation on their cell phone while doing so. And emails? Well, apparently only around 15% of drivers are guilty of that – or at least are willing to admit to it for a survey.

Drunk Driving, Elderly Driving And Cell Phone Use

Whether we like to admit it or not, as we age, our reaction time decreases. A person using a cell phone has the approximate reaction time of a seventy-year-old age impaired driver. And sadly, it’s not just drunk drivers and texting drivers that suffer the consequences. Young and old alike have sad, sad stories about losing a mother or father, grandmother or grandfather, sister or brother, or best friend to the actions of a texting driver. Just because you’re texting doesn’t mean you’re the one that’s going to survive of course, but you put so many other lives in your hands by simply answering your cell phone… why would you?

Pullover, park and answer your phone if you must. But while you’re driving, do the right thing people – put down the cell phone. Save a life.