Home Depot Issues Bunk Bed Recall

It is often the case that large corporations will issue a recall on a faulty product before anyone gets seriously injured or killed. Tragically, this was not the case with Home Depot’s recent reeling-in of their BFB1008GE bunk beds, which comes long after the wake of a Burlington, Iowa boy’s death in March of 2010, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Tragic Mishap Leads to Action

The boy choked to death when his head and neck became trapped in between the futon mattress and the top rung of the bunk bed’s ladder. Why it took more than a year for the recall to take place is a question best left to Home Depot’s legal staff and the bureaucrats at the CPSC. Home Depot was the exclusive seller of the bunk beds, which sold at outlets nationwide for around $200 between January of 2009 and June of 2010. Consumers who have the beds now should stop using them immediately and contact Home Depot for a free repair kit.

Lost in the Big Picture

Of course, nobody is guaranteed anything in life, but proper safety guidelines and other concerns can often get lost along the way to such lofty goals as market share, profits and dividends for stock holders. Consumers have come to rely on such Big Box stores even as they have moved in and put their locally-owned stores out of business – they have very little choice when shopping for certain items, especially in distressed economic times when they are looking to spend as little as possible.

Ceasing sales of the model and recalling those which have already been sold, and issuing repair kits to all who request them, are responsible steps which anyone would want to see taken by any corporate citizen, but they won’t bring back a little boy in the Heartland whose parents only wanted him to have a new bed. Hopefully, Home Depot has learned that an ounce of prevention is often worth unfathomably more than any mere pound of cure.