How Long Do PI Cases Last?

If you were injured and are now involved in a lawsuit to have your medical expenses reimbursed (and possibly a bit extra for pain and suffering), you are likely wondering just how long the process will last. After all, the world didn’t stop simply because you were hurt. The medical bills still need to be paid and if you were injured to the point of missing work or being unable to work, your other bills are likely beginning to pile up as well. Not to mention, lawsuits are emotionally draining matters that are unpleasant to deal with, at best. If you are wondering how much longer things will last, unfortunately, you may still have a bit of time before you see the end.


Attorneys are some of the most hated professionals on the planet but the truth is that they know exactly what they are doing, and when you are involved in a legal matter, these professionals can be your greatest line of defense. The problem comes in with the fact that while your attorney is doing the best that he can in order to close your matter as quickly as possible, the other side’s attorney is doing everything that they can to stop you.

Every attorney has the duty to provide the best legal counsel possible in any given situation and, sometimes, that means stopping the other side at every turn. When this happens, it tends to draw the matter out much longer than many people expect, and can be very frustrating. If you are looking to end things quickly, you may want to discuss the possibility of settlement with your attorney.


For the most part, only a small percentage of cases filed find themselves in court. Instead, the majority of suits are settled long before the court date, and settlement is the best way to ensure a speedy outcome. The problem with settling is that it generally leads to an outcome that isn’t ideal for either party, instead finding a common ground between the two parties and pursuing an outcome from this common ground. In other words, if you are pursuing a certain amount in a suit, you are not likely to receive that full amount through settlement. Instead, you will accept a lesser amount, while agreeing to certain terms that are outlined in the settlement. So, yes, it is a bit quicker but you are not likely to get what you were hoping to.

If your case does make it to trial, you may have months before you even see the inside of the courtroom. If you are getting to the point where your financial burdens are driving you to the point of desperation, you may want to discuss the possibility of settlement with your attorney. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing just how long your PI case will last.