I Have Fallen And Can’t Get Up! Time To Call An Injury Lawyer

It was just supposed to be a routine trip to the grocery store, before continuing on your way to the family reunion. It was a hot summer day, and everyone was having a picnic at the local park. You were picked to make the last minute run to the store, because Aunt Carol forgot the extra soda and barbecue sauce. Making your way through the store, you ducked and weaved your way through the crowded aisles. Everything was going great- you had the sauce in hand, and all that was left was to grab a couple of two liters. Next thing you know, you’re on the floor, covered in sauce and soda, and your back is killing you. What happened? How did it happen? Let’s rewind things a little.

Spills Can Lead To Spills

Gary earns minimum wage, and works the floor of the grocery store in question. He was running late to work that morning, and by the time he got there, he didn’t even have time to grab a drink in the break room. Gary had a million chores ahead of him, and a few hours into his day, the intercom squawked out a clean up in aisle five. Some kid accidentally knocked over a bunch of soda, and the whole area was a mess. Gary managed to get it all mopped up in no time flat, but before he could place a caution cone on the floor, he was called away to manage another supermarket crisis. That’s when you came strolling down the aisle, and slipped on the still-wet surface, taking a nasty fall in the process.

Watch Your Step Out There

So, now you’re posted up in a hospital bed, and wondering what your next move is as you miss out on your family reunion. Once everyone knows you’re ok, make sure you get in touch with an injury lawyer as soon as possible. Accidents happen, sure, but what occurred to you was a combination of events that ended in retail negligence. Your bills are quickly going to start stacking up, and you’re losing personal time, and time from work as well. You deserve compensation for all of this hassle, and a good lawyer can help make sure you get it.