Indianapolis Business Attorney – What Do They Do?

Are you thinking about starting a business in Indianapolis? You’re not alone. During the recession many people have become entrepreneurs after losing their jobs or sources of income.

You may have followed common steps to starting your business like obtaining a business license but one of the most common things that many people don’t do is obtain a business attorney to help them with the growth of their business.

What Business Attorneys Do

Intellectual Property – Thanks to the internet, it’s gotten easier for anyone to steal trademarks and product information due to hacking or other unscrupulous means. When you hire a business attorney, you can receive help with protection of your intellectual property, products or anything that you created and insure that those ideas will continue to belong to you.

Compliance – If your business involves hiring or firing employees, it’s important to have an attorney on board your team to insure that everything is done legally and ethically.

Taxes – A competent business attorney can also aid you in making sure that you’re not over paying or underpaying your taxes. Even though many people prefer to use an accountant when it comes to taxes, a business attorney can provide you with that extra means of protection.

Expansion – As your company grows, a reliable business attorney can help with all forms of expansion from reviewing contracts before you sign them, sending out collection letters to clients who haven’t paid to creating new legal documents for you.

How to Find the Right Business Attorney

  1. American Bar Association – Before checking with any other resource, make sure that you review the ABA website. This resource is the best for finding business attorney’s in Indianapolis and nationwide.
  2. Networking Opportunities – The next time that you go to a networking opportunity, make sure that you ask other business owners that you meet who their business attorney is. This step will save you time and money.