Indianapolis, In Fact all off Indiana, Says “Put The Phone Down”

A law that states that texting while driving will no longer be tolerated–and is in fact illegal–is now in effect in the entire state of Indiana. As of July 1 this year they became the 32nd state to make texting while driving against the law.

Got $500?

If they catch you texting and driving in Indianapolis you’re going to need $500 to cover the cost of the fine that will now be imposed upon breakers of the new law. But take heart; if you have the capability of hands free texting you will still be able to do so while driving. The law applies strictly to sending, writing and reading text messages while your vehicle is in motion. Unless of course you’re under 18; and then it is actually illegal for you to utilize any telecommunications considered wireless, devices for text messaging or cell phones in general. Though you will be cited and fined for texting while driving it has not yet been approved for the issuing officer to confiscate your phone or text messaging device; regardless of your age.

So Can You Still Talk On Your Phone While Driving?

You can for now… Legally. Back in February the Indiana State senate approved a law that would restrict all cell phone use to hands free only. After a 29 to 21 vote, this possible future law has been sent to the House (and currently considered ‘dead’). A law restricting cell phone use while driving has come up before the senate on numerous occasions but before now had not been passed along to the House. Senator Brent Steel is still not on board with the ban on texting while driving, however. Possibly he should get together with Indiana resident Diveeta Thompson. On the day that this bill was House approved she had testified in support of the bill. What could she possibly have to add?

Ms. Thompson used to have a son. The 18 year old died as a result of a texting while driving crash.