Indianapolis School News

Parents of students in Indianapolis school: Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy are continuing to defend their principle Brandon Crosby, who was recently suspended for the schools horrible test scores.
Eugene White, the Superintendent of the school district feels that although Crosby may have been a great principle and had a great rapport with the kids, the schools English and Match test scores were what he called “ridiculous.”

Abysmal Performance

White’s reaction to the schools test scores echo’s the feeling of parents at schools across the country who are frustrated with their schools poor performance but many parents of students at Shortridge Magnet High School feel that Crosby is an unfair target.

Some students at Shortridge have been seen in recent days wearing duct tape on their mouths during class in support of Principle Crosby and Julia Buchanan, a student at Shortridge said “he’s built up our school and they’re taking him away for no reason”.

Suspended Too Soon?

Parents who have continued to support ousted Principle Crosby feel that he’s being treated as the scape goat and that the Governments own figures show that students at Shortridge have test scores that are better on average than other schools in the nation.

Superintendent White responded to parents criticism by saying that his decision to suspend Crosby was due to the internal test scores that the school had failed to meet.

While the test scores are Shortridge may be better than other schools in the nation this story does she light on the fact that test scores of students in the United States continue to be well below what they should be.

No decision has been reached yet to fire Principle Crosby and many parents in Indianapolis have promised to continue to support him until they learn his fate.