Indianapolis Worries Over New Indianapolis Law

There’s a new law in town; at least in Indianapolis. And it’s got the law up in arms. The new law to which I am referring is Indianapolis’s new gun law. The second law to which I refer is the Indianapolis police force.

What’s New?

As of late June of this year, no license would be required in order to carry a handgun as long as some specific conditions were met: the gun must be securely wrapped and unloaded (What’s the sense in that? Who carries an unloaded gun?); the gun must be carried during legal hunting hours (again… How do you hunt with an unloaded gun? Throw it at the deer?) or carried on your way to the shooting range; it’s OK to carry an unloaded gun in your vehicle; and OK to carry it loaded if you are on your own property. The fact that guns can now be carried inside of a car is making police even more nervous about pulling people over than they already needed to be.

What Kind of Law is That?

Oh did I mention that the law states that the gun you’re carrying in your car must be out of reach? Did I mention that the new law does nothing to define ‘out of reach’? Officials are claiming that this law was meant to apply to people transporting weapons to and from shooting ranges, gun shows and gun shops so that they would no longer need a permit just for transportation purposes. And the guns that you’re carrying on your property, or on another’s property with their permission, can be loaded and you are no longer required to obtain a license to do so.

You used to need a license to carry a gun in Indianapolis and permits and licenses were issued only after an intense background check. Next time you travel to Indiana to watch your team play the Colts you might want to wear a plane tee shirt rather than your team’s jersey… Just in case the cheerleader’s packing.