Injury Claims and Preexisting Injuries

It’s important to tell your personal injury lawyers if you have preexisting injuries because they may affect the outcome and viability of civil action access. Many times the defendants’ insurance reps will raise opposition to the plaintiff’s claims if there are preexisting injuries involved. How the preexisting injuries are handled will dictate whether or not the plaintiff is awarded compensation for the injuries that occurred as a result for the incident and not before.


Full Disclosure

It’s always important to disclose any preexisting injuries or conditions to your attorney in your initial meeting so they can properly prepare the case. Proper disclosure is important so insurance firms and adjusters don’t bias or discount their conclusions if they discover that the initial findings were based on false information. Sometimes preexisting injuries can make a plaintiff more susceptible to injuries than the average person.


Being Prepared

This is especially true an a low-impact auto collision, this can give the defense that the preexisting injuries were the primary cause so it’s best to have the plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer prepared well in advance. Telling the personal injury attorney far in advance will enable the attorney to gather and examine any medical records that may bode well for the plaintiff’s case. It’s always imperative to practice full disclosure when filing a personal injury claim, especially when there are preexisting injuries involved.


Being honest and forthright with the attorney’s office will help them utilize all the resources they have available that can help the injured party receive a fair compensation for the injury. It’s important to keep records of incidents or injuries if they are reoccurring over occur over a long period of time. It’s always important to consult an attorney as soon as possible if you do think you have a viable personal injury claim.