Is There Such A Thing As Speeding Up A PI Case?

Anyone who has been involved in a PI case that went to trial will be happy to tell you just how long and frustrating their case was. Depending on the matter and how involved it was, your PI case could be stuck in the system for months, in some cases even years. This time table is extended even further, if the attorneys on both sides can’t seem to agree on certain issues or the other side does what they can to push the case back, as much as possible. If you are involved in a case, but want it to go as quickly as possible, you may be able to speed things up a bit by settling the case.

A Lengthy Process

The legal process isn’t known for its speed. In fact, many would agree that the wheels of Justice turn much more slowly than they should. Unfortunately, we live in a very litigious society and lawsuits, both legitimate and otherwise, tend to clog up our judicial system. Because of this clog, cases that may only need a few days in court could take years before they are even seen by a judge. In addition to the lag time between filing the lawsuit and arguing the suit in court, each party to case has certain deadlines which they need to abide by and these deadlines can be extended many times if they can show good cause. Luckily, many cases never even need to reach a courtroom if the parties can come to an agreement prior to the court date.


Sometimes, parties to a lawsuit can come to an agreement regarding the case and can find a resolution that both sides are satisfied with, without ever having to take the case to trial. This agreement on terms is called a “settlement”. For the most part, many cases can be settled long before they’re seen in court and this is the speediest resolution to your matter. The problem with settling the case is that you are unlike to receive the resolution you were originally seeking and, instead, must accept the terms that are agreed upon by both parties. Attorneys are skilled negotiators and with the right attorney, you may even be able to get most of what you were looking for but it is rare that you will get the total amount of compensation you were originally seeking.

The best way to speed up a PI matter is by trying to settle the case out of court. While this does not provide the ideal resolution, it may be satisfactory enough for you to walk away happy with the results. Until the wheels of Justice begin to move a little more quickly, this is your best bet at speeding your case along.