It’s Not the Family Dog – Lawsuits Involving Service Dogs


Whether you’re a department store, a fancy restaurant, a fast food joint, a drugstore or what have you, it may be your store’s policy to disallow dogs into the building or even on an outdoor patio. But it takes a real half witted management team to turn away a paying customer due to the fact that they have a service dog – citing the ‘no dogs allowed’ rule. Just the publicity alone could kill a business and the financial ruin of the resulting lawsuit will be the icing on the cake. Yet, this is one of the latest hot points in the news.

Thanks for Protecting Our Country – Now You and Your Dog Get Out!

When you think of KFC and lawsuits, the most popular thing that would spring to mind might be tainted coleslaw, a chicken bone stuck in someone’s throat, hot coffee spilled on someone’s lap… You name it. But KFC apparently doesn’t have enough lawsuits involving food, they have, in their infinite wisdom, decided to turn away a United States war veteran and his service dog because of the ‘no dogs allowed’ policy of the fast food joint. Seriously? A Manhattan KFC, one would think, would be particularly sensitive to post-traumatic stress syndrome! Well you had to see that $1 million lawsuit coming, now didn’t you? Apparently the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, means nothing to the little chicken store with the red and white striped awning. Sadly, this is not the first time this veteran has been turned away because of his dog. A Times Sq. McDonald’s disrespected the same man in the same manner.

Speaking of McDonald’s…

Is a blind person with a seeing eye dog not at least marginally apparent to any seeing individual? Apparent or not, and despite claims that McDonald’s restaurants do allow service dogs, more and more stories are pouring in about people with service dogs being refused service… As it were. One such case to place in Singapore. Another case that added insult to injury took place in Atlanta with a customer actually being (allegedly) assaulted by an off-duty McDonald’s manager. And not to be outdone, London England has even joined in the fiasco.

For the record, it’s not just fast food places that are guilty of this disrespect. Motels, airlines and hotels have been named in lawsuits with similar circumstances.