Look up the Word ‘Frivolous’ and You Might See These…


Filing lawsuits is a serious prospect. It is not to be taken lightly and judges tend to frown on many of the frivolous lawsuits that are taking up the courts’ time and money these days. Whether it is a sue-happy generation in which we live or simply the lack of common sense and the ability to take responsibility for our own actions remains to be seen. The best non attorney advice available… Making a mountain out of a molehill is not what the United States justice system is for.

The Case That Started It All

… And would you like cream and sugar with that lawsuit? Yes, it is none other than the hot McDonald’s coffee lawsuit filed way back in 1992. It seems forever ago that poor old Ms. Liebeck decided to forgo the cup holder in her car and instead, in her infinite wisdom, placed the ‘contents may be hot’ coffee cup precariously between her legs while driving. Surely, you already know the rest. It didn’t stop there however. People continued to sue McDonald’s for that same hot coffee and for making them fat. Though initially decided in her favor, money totaling under $600,000 was eventually the settlement out of court. Quite a difference from the initial punitive damages/2.7 million dollars and compensatory/$600,000!

Definitely No Laughing Matter

When you hit and kill a boy on a bike with your car, one would think that the devastation alone would be enough to scar you for life. Being expunged of any responsibility because, technically, the boy was not wearing or using the appropriate reflective gear at night might make you feel less to blame… but the feeling of guilt may still eat away at you. Apparently however, that is not always the case. Additionally, the driver just described also tried to sue for damage done to his car during the mishap.

Is it possible, do you suppose, to counter sue someone for idiocy?