Motorcycle Enthusiasts See Grim Dose of Reality

There is a certain segment of society that enjoys the daylights out of riding motorcycles, even if they’re not adherents to what most people would think of as the “biker culture”. Two-wheelers have been widely popular since the invention of motorized vehicles, a phenomenon that has only increased as the years have passed since the end of World War II.

Another Point of View

Then there are the oddly fierce detractors of motorcycles, those who cruelly refer to motorcyclists as “organ donors” and spit out such venom as, “There are two kinds of bikers – those who have crashed, and those who are going to.” It bespeaks of a bitterness that is difficult to explain, let alone justify, especially when one considers the tragic accident that took place in Hamilton County just after noon on June 17th.

A Call for Mandatory Helmets?

In a split second of bad timing on all parts, a motorcycle carrying a middle-aged couple went around a car in order to make a yellow light. A box truck had already begun his left turn through the intersection, and the motorcycle could not stop before slamming into the truck’s passenger door. Neither of the two fatalities was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, as Indiana state law does not require riders to do so.

It is reasonable to believe that those who ride motorcycles as their primary means of transportation would face a shorter life span. It would also be reasonable to conclude that all motorists in Indiana would have lower insurance premiums if motorcyclists were required to wear helmets. They might not have saved the two lives that were lost in this particular instance, but have been proven to reduce fatalities in states where they are mandatory. And it would cool the jets of those contentious few