Not Your Fault Accidents Deserve Attention

Truth be told, all accidents deserve attention.  Attention needs to be paid to the person that was just a victim of the accident, so that they receive the first aid and/or care that they need. That does include follow-up care, such as hospitalization and rehabilitation.  But, attention also needs to be paid to the cause of the accident itself.  Most accidents could have been prevented.  It’s not that they were intentional, that’s why they’re called accidents.  It’s just that, if something had been done differently, chances are the accident would’ve been averted.


So Whose Fault Was It?


If you are walking along and see a sign that says wet floor/caution and you go ahead and you walk across that wet floor like you don’t have a care in the world, what happens next?  You fall and break your… um, stuff.  Then what happens?  You start screaming and rolling around in pain and the first thing that enters your mind is “I’m going to sue somebody”.  Really?  Why, because you didn’t pay any attention to the sign that contained not only English, but probably Spanish and a little picture just in case you’re illiterate?  Well Genius, maybe you should have taken the sign seriously and walked around the area instead, what do you think?  That is not an accident that should be classified as someone else’s fault.  They was an accident waiting to happen, caused by you, yourself and your belief that signs and warnings don’t apply to you.  Do you ignore red stop lights, as well?  Yes well, then don’t be surprised when that T-bone traffic accident, at the intersection gets blamed on you… as well as your little slip and fall act.


When the Accident Truly Isn’t Your Fault


This is the time to possibly consider a lawsuit.  Not as a scam, because you ignored sound advice… But because someone else was somehow negligent (like for instance running that stop light) and because of that, people got hurt and or property got damaged.  It may well take legal representation and a judge or jury, to decide who exactly was at fault in the accident, but that’s what personal injury lawsuits are all about, after all.  Assigning guilt.  Assigning fault.  And, determining the type of compensation that the victim deserves.  If you are injured or your property is damaged because of someone else, you have every right to pursue compensation, from that person in a court of law.  With the right kind of representation, some of these suits can even be settled out of court, which truly works out for the best for everyone involved.


Legal representation for personal injury suits is relatively easy to find, but do yourself a favor and research that representation, before signing on the dotted line.