Penn State Sex Abuse Case – How Are Indiana Laws Different?

College football fans around the country are all familiar with Joe Paterno. This name has been synonymous with Penn State for 46 years but, since the sex scandal has erupted Joe Paterno’s name will be forever associated with one of the worst child sex abuse scandals in the nation’s history.

While Mr. Paterno apparently didn’t do anything to violate state law in Pennsylvania, it would have been a different story had he been coaching at a college in Indiana. Paterno and all of his staff could all have been facing charges for their involvement in the sex abuse case.

Sex Abuse Cases in Indiana

Although Paterno has expressed regret over not doing enough to stop the sex abuse and didn’t violate any laws in Pennsylvania, he would have had to do more in Indiana.
State law in Indiana requires that all adults who know of child abuse cases that are happening must take responsibility to report it to the right authorities within the state.

James Payne, the head of child services in Indiana has expressed outrage at Joe Paterno and officials are Penn State. Mr. Payne recently said in an interview: “”(I’m) angry and disappointed in people who have a responsibility to report and do not.”

Specifics of the Case

The sex abuse case at Penn State involves their defensive coordinator who was reported to have been seen in a sexual act with a young boy in the team’s locker room. This incident was reported to Paterno but, instead of taking a hard line against the abuse, he reported it to officials at the college.
After the incident was reported to college officials, steps were put into place to keep the defensive coordinator away from minors but these steps ultimately did nothing to stop the problem.
Since the case has gone public, Joe Paterno was fired as head coach of the football team and Tom Bradley has taken over to lead the team for the rest of the season.