Personal Injuries Hit the Nation

Many of the personal injury cases around the country apply and affect Indianapolis law as well. It is important for people to be aware of far reaching personal unify law cases around the country that may affect life at home in Indianapolis. In 2011 a personal injury case was filed against SimplyThick food thicker for contaminated samples that left infants with nearly fatal conditions.


Injury from Household Brands

This seemingly safe product was overlooked by doctors as the root cause and many of these babies were discharged without proper diagnoses. This is lead to the condition getting worse in many of the infants that were sent home. Eventually a recall was made for this specific agent of thickener. It is important for people to be aware of these types of personal injury cases and recalls against national brands and major corporations that service multiple states or regions.


Taking Necessary Precautions

Being award of these types of cases and recalls is important in order to protect yourself and your family. Personal injury cases are often the first sign that something may be wrong with a major corporation or product. Even people in Indianapolis are not immune to contaminated products or poor services that are provided on a national level. Paying attention to the news and current litigation cases locally, regionally and nationally can help you avoid potentially hazardous situations.



The Internet is a valuable asset for staying aware of these potentially hazardous situations. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are very effective for staying informed about the types of products or person injury cases that may affect you. It is easy to collect from these types of injuries, but class-action lawsuits can take years to recover the losses. Many times, more often than not the monetary compensation is not enough to overcome the real life detriment that these types of incidents can have on the individual or the family.