Personal Injury 101 From a Lawyer’s Point of View

No matter how many precautions you might take to safeguard yourself and your loved ones, you can never predict the actions of those around you.  Things happen and when they do, you want to make sure that you have a good attorney to protect your rights.  Before making the decision to contact an attorney, however, you will want to consider your case from an attorney’s point of view.


The Injuries


There have been plenty of cases won in which the lawsuit resulted from a minor injury.  However, there are almost as many appeals filed and won against these frivolous lawsuits.  An attorney does not like to have his representation or ethics called into question, so before accepting your case, your attorney will want to make sure that the injuries warrant the suit.  If you stubbed your toe while walking on the sidewalk, for instance, your attorney is not likely to pursue a million dollar lawsuit against the City.  If you don’t feel that your injuries warrant a lawsuit, your attorney is likely to agree with you.


The Facts of the Case


The facts surrounding a case may be as important, if not more important, than the statutes that are being called on to present your case.  If you were injured but were intoxicated at the time, there may be more of a question as to the validity of your claim, for instance.  If the injury happened late at night after you had a long day at work, again, your case may not be as open and shut as you think.  If you were hurt, your attorney will want to review all of the facts of the case before making the commitment to represent you; their reputation may depend on those facts.


Not every attorney is going to jump at every personal injury case.  There are those out there that are looking for a quick buck but for the most part, attorneys like to win, and won’t take a case that has no merit.  So, think before you call that first attorney and ask yourself if you think you should pursue it.