Personal Injury from the Home

People should be happy that Indianapolis law protects them from injuries that may occur in the home or as a result of negligence from an apartment complex. A case similar to this situation happened to a man living in an apartment complex. This ceiling fell through onto his head and he was able to file a personal injury case against the complex to be compensated for almost $50,000. In these types of incidents an individual can suffer serious physical injuries and a as result they may suffer from a loss of earnings as well.


Get Proof

The man told his apartment complex that the ceiling was damaged and seemed to be falling apart months before it eventually fell in on his head. It is always important to keep a record of damages that you report to a complex in case of this type of situation, negligence or a conflict with the complex can often cause a distressful and possibly hazardous situation to live in. The main objective should always be to avoid court and injury by getting the hazardous situation repaired right away.


Be Assertive

Many times the injuries that result from these types of situations are more detrimental and crippling than the plaintiff will be compensated for. It is important to always have proof of the complaint in order to get it fixed in a timely manner or to be properly compensated just in case something dangerous does happened because of the negligence of the apartment complex. Many times these types of organizations have high turnover in employees or fragmented hierarchies of management and between the leasing office and maintenance departments.


Having proof of the initial complaint is the best defense when facing a disgruntled or negligent employee or when going to court for damages. It always pays to be diligent and assertive when trying to get your property fixed in a timely manner. Whether you live in a complex or have a private landlord in Indianapolis always keep photographic proof and documentation with clear timetables to be properly compensated.