Questions to Ask Your Lawyer

Anytime you have a legal issue, you are going to have plenty of questions and there is no one more qualified to answer those questions than your attorney.  Finding yourself in a situation in which you are involved in a lawsuit is stressful enough without constantly worrying about the next steps.  Depending on the reason for the lawsuit, your case could drag on for years.  So, instead of worrying and trying to figure out what your next move is going to be, bend your attorney’s ear for a bit and feel free to ask as many questions as possible.




If you have ever seen a book of statutes, you know that they can be thick volumes full of legalese that most laypeople don’t understand.  The fact is that your attorney went to school for years in order to learn how to read and interpret these laws and your attorney will have a firm understanding of what they are reading.  That is why it is important that you ask your attorney about the statutes and case law upon which he is depending on to build the backbone of your defense.  You need to understand these laws and how they affect you and your case.


Legal Process


The legal process is a slow moving machine full of holes that sometimes lead nowhere.  Our court system is so clogged with lawsuits that it can take years before your case is even heard by a jury.  Sometimes this can get a bit frustrating and your patience will wear thin.  However, if you discuss the process with your attorney before the suit gets underway, you will be better prepared to expect the delays that can come along with the process.  Not only that, your attorney can even explain the legal process that your case will go through step by step, just to make sure that there are no surprises waiting for you.


Your attorney wants to provide you with the best defense possible.  This is a much tougher job when a client is confused about what the situation actually is or does not have a clear understanding of the laws that will help them win their case.  By keeping in constant contact with your attorney and asking him any questions that come to mind, you can truly be a part of your own defense.  Considering lawsuits generally play with large stakes, you want to win.