Recall On Husqvarna Lawn Tractors

In the flood of manufacturing that has come to symbolize the global economy, Americans are always looking for products that are made in the United States – even though most people would be pressed to come up with more than a handful of goods that are still produced in their homeland. It isn’t even a matter of hoping for a return of factory jobs so much as it is about nationalism and pride.

Home Grown and Self-Effacing

One of the few companies that didn’t look overseas for a cheaper employee base is Husqvarna, the maker of lawn tractors and other light-industrial motorized equipment. Based in Charleston, North Carolina, their bright orange lawn tractors have long been recognizable upon rolling expanses of lawn throughout the country. It is especially concerning, then, when a home-grown business is forced to go through the pains of a recall process.

Culprit: The TuffTorq Transaxle

In conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Husqvarna has issued a recall on its YTH23V42LS and YTH24V48LS models with serial numbers in the range of 050110A001000 to 123110D999999 featuring the TuffTorq K46LD transaxle (model and serial numbers can be found on an ID tag attached to the underside of the tractor’s seat). The problem is that the TuffTorq transaxle can experience intermittent malfunction, which may lead to failure in the braking system.

The lawn tractors in question were sold by authorized Husqvarna dealers from May through December 2010, costing between $2300 and $2800. No injuries have been reported thus far, but the recommended remedy is to contact Husqvarna to schedule a free repair. For a company with a long track record of quality and performance, Husqvarna deserves a second chance from the consumer, as they seek to correct this potentially serious problem.