Show Me the Money! Huge Financial Settlements Settled in Court

Sometimes going to court is the only way to get what’s coming to you. And oh boy, do some people ever get what’s coming to them… And then some! If you were devastated by a lawsuit in the past, you may be able to identify with the following cases. Chances are however, the price paid by these poor souls might actually make you feel a whole lot better about the loss of your case. It pays to have a good lawyer.

Lost at Love, and That’s Only the Beginning

Maybe you can’t hurry love, at least according to the Supremes, but contrary to what another popular music group says (The Knack) you can put a price on it. One of the largest money court cases ever revolves around divorce Australian style. An initial payment of $110 million was just the beginning. The final sum totaled out at over $1.6 billion. That’s what you get for choosing a 30-year-old youngster over your second wife. Seriously, the first wife didn’t teach you enough of a lesson? It makes you wonder what the first wife was thinking when she saw the settlement that the second wife received. Is there a statute of limitations on how much you can sue someone for in a divorce case?

Live to Ride – But Protect the Family Jewels

You probably didn’t hear about this and that comes as no great surprise. But Harley-Davidson, thanks to an accident involving an accelerator that had a tendency to stick, ended up paying out almost $10 million to a very sad individual that experienced the opposite effect of what most guys by bikes for. Let’s just say, he wasn’t going to be impressing the women anytime soon… in any way, shape or form. (Ouch.)

When it comes to millions and billions of dollars, it is most frequently a court case involving wrongful death or injury that brings in that kind of a settlement. But as shown by the divorce case above, a broken heart apparently qualifies as such.