Cadillac Issues Recall

Uncertainty abounds in the automobile market – it is, in fact, that sector’s only certainty. U.S. automakers appear to be charging ahead, aided in no small part by mechanical problems that beset Toyota, and then the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Japan’s physical and economic landscapes. The Big Three’s quest to reclaim the top of the market heap has been dragged down somewhat by less expensive foreign competitors like Kia and Hyundai; still other stumbling blocks can be found in the form of consumer recalls.

Air Bags In Focus

The latest malady has hit Cadillac, normally a brand whose very name exudes confidence where quality and safety are concerned (and no wonder, as it remains GM’s most expensive badge). Cadillac’s popular crossover SRX, or at least 47,000 of the 2011 models, were determined to have faulty right-side air bags which do not deploy unless someone is sitting in the front seat of the vehicle. This places rear-seat passengers at risk of being left unprotected in an accident.

Heading It Off at the Pass

Fortunately, as with many recalls these days, the problem is being addressed by the factory before any injuries have taken place. This, Cadillac hopes, will assure current and future customers that they are a forward-thinking company that keeps the best interests of the consumer at the top of the priority list – after all, they wouldn’t want the buying public to think about them in any other way.

While Cadillac executives may not be feeling the heat from lower-priced imports, they do have to worry about losing ground on the field of perception, with German and Japanese auto makers always looking to gain a competitive edge. A recall involving such safety devices as air bags has to be handled carefully and responsibly, less they should cede their hard-earned place in the Pantheon of luxury automobiles.