What to Expect on Your First Attorney Visit

If you are visiting an attorney for the first time, you may be a bit nervous about the meeting.  Considering the reputation that attorneys have, it’s no wonder that you would be nervous.  However, when you retain an attorney, they are accepting the task of representing you to the absolute best of their abilities.  So, instead of being nervous, try to be as prepared as possible for your first meeting.


The First Time is the Hardest


When you are meeting with an attorney for the first time, it is a bit like going on a blind date.  The attorney will likely have just the basic facts surrounding your case and you will likely have just the basic facts about the attorney.  So, much of your first meeting will be the two of you determining whether or not this is the right attorney for you and if you are the right client for the attorney.  For the most part, your first meeting with your attorney will be a simple fact finding consultation but you will want to have as much information about your case as possible, because there will be plenty of questions to answer.  Don’t worry, though, after the initial visit, it does get easier.


It’s Not an Interrogation


Sometimes, your first meeting with your attorney will sound a bit more like an interrogation than a meeting.  The attorney will ask you questions about your case that you may have never considered and ask you for any evidence that you have to back up your side of the case.  For the most part, attorneys will always do their best to be compassionate and understanding, and most do have a wonderful court side manner.  However, most people simply aren’t used to being questioned as much as you may be questioned by your attorney, so it may be a bit intimidating.  Just remember that they are just people whose only job is to be their best for you.


Not every attorney is going to be compatible with every client.  Personalities may clash, your attorney may not feel the case is strong enough to accept, even costs and rates can be an issue that you divide on.  If you want to win your case, you do need an attorney that you can trust, before that first retainer check is even written.  After the first meeting, you will know if this is your new attorney.

Hurting Yourself At A Public Place

No one likes to get injured.  Besides the pain, injuries can be inconvenient and get in the way of your everyday life.  If you are visiting a public place, you expect to be safe from injury, and generally assume that the caretakers of the place would do everything in their power to make that happen.  In most cases, this is absolutely correct.  However, from time to time, injuries do occur in public places, and when they do, it is a good idea to speak to an attorney.


Attorneys Are There to Help


Attorneys really have a bad reputation.  Chances are that you know at least a dozen attorney jokes and have probably heard twice that amount.  However, the fact is that an attorney is there to fight in your corner and provide you with the best representation possible.  As a matter of fact, their license may depend on providing this quality representation to each and every one of their clients.  So, if you are injured in a public place, an attorney should be the first person you speak with.  You will want to speak with an attorney not only to find out exactly what your rights in the situation are but also to see if restitution is possible.


Don’t Be Frivolous


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of frivolous law suits filed every single day, in this country.  It seems that we have become a very litigious society and if we stub our toe when we aren’t watching where we are going, many people immediately start thinking of how they can turn the injury into a profit.  The justice system is absolutely clogged with these law suits that, ultimately, are likely to go nowhere at all.  If you happen to injure yourself in a public place, please do not add to the problem.  If you get a splinter at a park or pinch your finger between some weights at the gym, your first thought should probably not be law suit.  However, in the case that you are truly injured, you definitely will want to speak with an attorney.


For the most part, when people are injured, they can brush themselves off and walk away.  Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t that easy and you may need medical attention.  Considering the high cost of medical attention, it can’t hurt to speak with an attorney just to make sure that your rights are protected.

Be Prepared When Attending an Appointment with Your Lawyer

If you have ever met an attorney, or are one yourself, you know that they have very little patience for wasting time.  This is ironic, considering most are paid by the hour, but the fact is that attorneys like to get right to the point and when they have a question, they expect a quick answer.  It isn’t that they are rude, they simply want the facts as quickly as possible, because they are constantly considering your strategy.  If you are getting ready for a meeting with your attorney, it is important that you come prepared.


Just the Facts


Lawsuits are won based on the facts at hand, not opinions.  While your attorney may occasionally ask your feelings at the time of certain incidents, generally speaking they are much more concerned with the facts of a case.  There may be information that you don’t find important enough to keep readily available, but make no mistake, the smallest details can be the determining factor in a case, and your attorney will know just what to look for.  So, it is important that you have all of the information necessary regarding your case at the ready and as organized as possible.


Staying Organized


Since attorneys do not like having their time wasted, it is important that you be as organized and thorough as possible.  Since you are the attorney’s client, they may accept your disorganization for a little while, especially if you are the victim in the lawsuit, but it’s best not to test that patience.  Using file folders to keep your paperwork organized is a great start.  Another good idea is to write down everything on a legal pad.  After the initial visit, your attorney’s paralegal will take care of keeping it organized but the more organized you are at the outset, the better.


Attorneys are intelligent people that are there to work for you.  They know much better than you, when it comes to what is important in a case.  Be prepared with everything your attorney asks to bring and more, and you see the beginning of a great attorney/client relationship.

Not Your Fault Accidents Deserve Attention

Truth be told, all accidents deserve attention.  Attention needs to be paid to the person that was just a victim of the accident, so that they receive the first aid and/or care that they need. That does include follow-up care, such as hospitalization and rehabilitation.  But, attention also needs to be paid to the cause of the accident itself.  Most accidents could have been prevented.  It’s not that they were intentional, that’s why they’re called accidents.  It’s just that, if something had been done differently, chances are the accident would’ve been averted.


So Whose Fault Was It?


If you are walking along and see a sign that says wet floor/caution and you go ahead and you walk across that wet floor like you don’t have a care in the world, what happens next?  You fall and break your… um, stuff.  Then what happens?  You start screaming and rolling around in pain and the first thing that enters your mind is “I’m going to sue somebody”.  Really?  Why, because you didn’t pay any attention to the sign that contained not only English, but probably Spanish and a little picture just in case you’re illiterate?  Well Genius, maybe you should have taken the sign seriously and walked around the area instead, what do you think?  That is not an accident that should be classified as someone else’s fault.  They was an accident waiting to happen, caused by you, yourself and your belief that signs and warnings don’t apply to you.  Do you ignore red stop lights, as well?  Yes well, then don’t be surprised when that T-bone traffic accident, at the intersection gets blamed on you… as well as your little slip and fall act.


When the Accident Truly Isn’t Your Fault


This is the time to possibly consider a lawsuit.  Not as a scam, because you ignored sound advice… But because someone else was somehow negligent (like for instance running that stop light) and because of that, people got hurt and or property got damaged.  It may well take legal representation and a judge or jury, to decide who exactly was at fault in the accident, but that’s what personal injury lawsuits are all about, after all.  Assigning guilt.  Assigning fault.  And, determining the type of compensation that the victim deserves.  If you are injured or your property is damaged because of someone else, you have every right to pursue compensation, from that person in a court of law.  With the right kind of representation, some of these suits can even be settled out of court, which truly works out for the best for everyone involved.


Legal representation for personal injury suits is relatively easy to find, but do yourself a favor and research that representation, before signing on the dotted line.

A Slip In The Grocery Store Can Mean A Lawsuit

Let’s face it, every time you step out the door you take your life into your hands.  In fact, most accidents happen in the home so you really don’t even have to step outside your door, for there to be a threat against your well-being or your life, albeit from some inanimate object or accidental occurrence.  It is up to the establishments in which we go about our daily affairs, to keep them as safe as possible for workers and customers alike.  That said however, every now and then some kind of wrench gets thrown into the works and lo and behold something bad happens.


You Didn’t See That Puddle on the Floor?


Though not always detectable, spills and wet floors are sometimes noticeable.  Frequently however, by the time you realize the floor beneath you is slippery, it’s too late.  If wet floor signs were up, you have only yourself to blame, thanks to the fact that everything is not only stated in English,, but with pictures and sometimes even Spanish.  Possibly that came from too many lawsuits from people who claimed not to be able to read English.  So, what about the the topic of lawsuits and people suing over slips and falls?  Let’s take a look at what happens, when you slip and fall in the store.  As just stated, if there were ample warnings and or wet floor signs, you really should have been more careful.  If however, there were no signs and you slip and fall in the store, you are probably the perfect candidate for starting a lawsuit against the store, for injuries received in the fall.  It will need to be determined eventually, whether or not your fall was a result of negligence on the part of the store.


Is America Sue Happy?


Fast answer, yes they are.  No one is willing to take responsibility for their own actions anymore.  Even worse are the scam artists, that walk into buildings, seemingly fall and get hurt and then bring bogus lawsuits against the establishment,s in which they supposedly fell.  It happens every day.  These are the people who are ruining it for the people who actually do get seriously injured, because of the negligence of someone else.  If you fall and receive an injury and someone else is truly to blame for that, there’s no reason why you should not receive compensation, through a lawsuit.  Chances are you will be able to settle out of court, with the right representation.  But, to bring these false lawsuits into court is a waste of everyone’s time and money.


Personal injury lawyers and lawsuits are there to serve those individuals that need them and truly deserve some type of compensation for something that happened to them.  Frivolous lawsuits will only serve to drive up insurance costs and sour juries against those who may well be legitimately injured. Don’t be that guy (or gal) who cries ‘wolf’.