What Is Indianapolis Law All About

Each state has their own set of laws. For instance when it comes to divorce, the laws in each state are different because each state has created their own way to deal with divorces. So if you find yourself in this particular situation, you need to see what Indianapolis laws are.

Need Additional Help

Most people are not going to be able to handle their situation by themselves, and are going to need the assistance of a lawyer. A lawyer in Indianapolis is going to know Indianapolis law extensively. This is very comforting to you because you will know your situation is handled by a professional that has top-notch ability. This is the time when you ask your lawyer that you have chose and retained any questions you feel are relevant to your case.

Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck

When you are paying legal fees you need to be sure you are getting the best information you can. One way you can do this is to be sure you have submitted everything you can think of to your attorney. Your attorney is going to advise you what paperwork is required for your case, so be sure you always submit everything. If you leave something out, that piece of paper could have been a very important piece of information and very valuable to your case. Your lawyer can only work with what is presented in front of them.

While your case is going on you need to stay as positive as possible and know that your lawyer is going to handle your case to the best of their ability. If you are able to settle out of court thing you have already won the battle, because court hearings can be very expensive and also very hard to deal with.

Who Might Need Help With Indianapolis Law?

Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation where you might need legal help and you are not sure where to turn? This is actually very common because everyone at one point in their life might need some type of legal assistance. Whether it might be a simple traffic ticket to a complex divorce, Indianapolis law is here to help.

Where To Find A Lawyer

If you are very new to your situation that is going to require a lawyer then there are a few resources you can use. If you have a friend or family member who has used a lawyer you might ask them about the lawyer and the services that particular attorney provides. If your situation is different then you are going to need to find the lawyer that has the experience you’re going to need. The Internet is a wonderful way to find out about lawyers and their specialty.

Legal Websites

There are a few basic legal websites that give off a huge list of lawyers registered to each state. If that is something you feel comfortable with then it is a good idea that you go ahead and proceed with your search. If you are requiring a divorce lawyer, then you might do a search in Indianapolis for a dissolution attorney. You are going to get a huge list of resources. This is when you need to do some research on which lawyer is going to work for you.

Don’t be frightened when it comes time to find a lawyer. Lawyers are there to help you in any situation you might be in. You need to be sure you know what to ask the attorney and you have all the information for your lawyer ahead of time so you can get started on your case.

Indianapolis Malpractice News

Hamilton Circuit Judge Paul Felix recently ruled that a lawsuit that was filed against two law firms in the Indianapolis area can go to trial and denied any motions that were previously filed to dismiss the case.

The malpractice cases were filed against Krieg DeVault and Church, Church, Hittle & Antrim by Henry Anderson, a retired farmer who retained lawyers from both firms for legal advice that he needed back in 2003.

Case Specifics

Due to tax shelter advice taken from the firms mentioned in the lawsuit, Mr. Anderson was hit with a $2.7 million dollar judgment by the IRS for taxes that he owed. The lawsuit seeks damages that amount to over $1 million dollars which will be used to recover any settlement that comes from the case.

During the process of seeking a dismissal of the case, Krieg complained that Mr. Anderson couldn’t show any actual damages that their firm might have caused and even went as far as stating that they didn’t have a relationship with the client.

What’s next for Henry Anderson?

Things are looking good for Henry Anderson; one of his brothers who took similar advice from the Krieg DeVault firm also was hit with an IRS tax judgment as well too. His brother sued Krieg DeVault and his case was resolved out of court last month.

Regardless if this case goes to court or not, it’s a victory for area farmers who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous attorneys in recent years. Mr. Anderson and his family should walk away from this case with a nice settlement that will allow him to enjoy his retirement without having to worry about financial burden.
Legal malpractice still continues to be on the rise across the country. To avoid choosing the wrong attorney it’s important to take the time to properly research that attorney and their previous cases online before choosing them to represent you.

Penn State Sex Abuse Case – How Are Indiana Laws Different?

College football fans around the country are all familiar with Joe Paterno. This name has been synonymous with Penn State for 46 years but, since the sex scandal has erupted Joe Paterno’s name will be forever associated with one of the worst child sex abuse scandals in the nation’s history.

While Mr. Paterno apparently didn’t do anything to violate state law in Pennsylvania, it would have been a different story had he been coaching at a college in Indiana. Paterno and all of his staff could all have been facing charges for their involvement in the sex abuse case.

Sex Abuse Cases in Indiana

Although Paterno has expressed regret over not doing enough to stop the sex abuse and didn’t violate any laws in Pennsylvania, he would have had to do more in Indiana.
State law in Indiana requires that all adults who know of child abuse cases that are happening must take responsibility to report it to the right authorities within the state.

James Payne, the head of child services in Indiana has expressed outrage at Joe Paterno and officials are Penn State. Mr. Payne recently said in an interview: “”(I’m) angry and disappointed in people who have a responsibility to report and do not.”

Specifics of the Case

The sex abuse case at Penn State involves their defensive coordinator who was reported to have been seen in a sexual act with a young boy in the team’s locker room. This incident was reported to Paterno but, instead of taking a hard line against the abuse, he reported it to officials at the college.
After the incident was reported to college officials, steps were put into place to keep the defensive coordinator away from minors but these steps ultimately did nothing to stop the problem.
Since the case has gone public, Joe Paterno was fired as head coach of the football team and Tom Bradley has taken over to lead the team for the rest of the season.

Convenience Store Safety – How New Law Would Affect Employees

Convenience store jobs are some of the easiest jobs to get anywhere in the United States but, they are also the most dangerous jobs.

Marcella Birnell was a normal 45 year old woman who wanted to earn additional income for her family and decided to take one of those “easy” convenience store jobs at the Village Pantry Store. Not long after she started working there, she was shot in the head during a botched robbery attempt.

Shedding New Light on Dangers

While Marcella is still recovering from her head injury, her brother, Peter Tole is bringing her story to the attention of the entire state by trying to get a new law passed that will help to protect people who work in convenience store positions.
The law which will be called “Marci’s Law” will require all convenience stores to be fitted with partitions that are bulletproof. This wall of protection would give any convenience store owner or employee enough time to call the police and stay safe until help arrives.

Mr. Tole said: “These corporations are playing Russian Roulette with the lives of our family members,” Tolle said. “The corporations will not voluntarily provide the protection for the people who are on the frontline collecting the cash to hand over to them. It has to be done by law. They have to be forced by law to provide basic protection of these minimum wage workers who have no voice, no representation, and nobody listening to them.”

Cost Per Store

During the process of laying the foundation for the new law Peter Tolle researched the cost of bulletproof partitions and found that they cost an average of $7,500.

Mr. Tolle has also contacted other former and current employees of Village Pantry Store who have been victims of gun violence and is rallying more supporters behind the law.
Until the law gets passed it remains to be seen if corporations will do more to protect hard working, minimum wage workers like Marcella Barnwell since the economic recession has forced many companies to cut costs.

Indiana Medical Liability Cap – How Changes Could Affect Everyone

In 2001, Debra Plank was a seemingly healthy, 47 year old woman, who went to a hospital in Indianapolis after she began to experience pain in her abdominal area. Doctors prescribed pain medication and sent her home where she died soon after.

The cause of her death was found to be a bowel obstruction which caused her to contract sepsis. Due to this misdiagnosis, Mrs. Plank’s husband Timothy Plank sued the Indianapolis community hospital where she was treated and was awarded $8.5 million dollars in damages. This amount was eventually lowered to the total amount of $1.25 million. This amount is the cap that damages in Indiana can be awarded in any cases of medical liability.

Ten Years of Appeals

Timothy Plank still continues to fight the verdict ten years later and is challenging the constitutionality of the cap which was established by the high court in 1980. Several appellate judges have said that the 1980 decision from the high court left the door open for potential legal challenges but so far nothing has been done to reverse the trial court’s decision for Timothy Plank.

Doctors in Indiana stand on the side of the high court and are against anything to change it because, as in the case of the Plank Family, cases of medical malpractice or misdiagnosis could ruin community hospitals financially.

Years of Stability

If the Plank case is reversed and a higher amount of more than $1.25 million dollars is awarded, 36 years of stability would soon come to an end as the door would be opened for new challenges to the cap to arise.
Thanks to the cap, which became a law in 1975, a medical liability crisis came to an end and doctors were able to start performing procedures that were seen as high risk and save more patients’ lives.
Although the cap helped to “shore up” the insurance industry in Indiana, many insurance industry experts have said that the caps relevance has ended.

Although no changes to the cap have been implemented yet, many people are expecting 2012 to be a year of big changes for the medical insurance industry in Indiana.