Injury by KFC Chicken

Thankfully Indianapolis law is setup to protect citizens from even largest corporations in the world. A family worse nightmare came true when a child was diagnosed with salmonella after eating bad chicken from a KFC in Australia. This type of dangerous and negligent situation can happen almost anywhere, even in places like Indiana. KFC was to be negligent for serving the bad chicken after the family filed a personal injury case against the local eatery.


The Heartache

The family was awarded $8 million in compensation but that does not necessarily mitigate the damage done to the family and the child. Unfortunately the child suffered from brain damage as a result of the bad chicken served by the KFC. Being aware of these types of situations is the best way to avoid the possible traumatic and life altering situation this family has had to deal with.


The Result

Many people are compelled to stay away from these types of eateries since hearing about this particular personal injury case. Many people were shocked to hear that someone could actually suffer from severe brain damage from eating bad chicken. There was a time when conventional wisdom suggested you may just get ill or suffer from some gastrointestinal pain. Suffering brain damage from eating chicken at major brand eatery that services people worldwide is entirely new scenario for most people.


This underscores the true danger that can result from bad chicken as well as the types of negligence that can be discovered at even the most prodigious or well-known institutions or businesses. The victim was seven years old at the time and still suffers from brain damage and quadriplegia almost 5 years later. This type of heart ache isn’t worth any type of money or court ordered compensations, sometimes, most of the time it is best to just be safe after hearing about these types of situations. It clearly depicts just how dangerous even the most trusted and seemingly safe situations can be in life.