Personal Injury on the Job

One of the most common aspects of Indianapolis law is personal injury cases of people getting hurt on the job. This happens all over the country due to negligence or people from people working in potentially hazardous situations. A recent case in New Jersey involves a man who was working and fell through a roof into a bat of acid. The man unfortunately suffered from severe burns throughout the majority of his body. People working on constructions sites or industrial and chemical occupations face more potentially hazardous situations than the average worker in the office place.


 Injuries from Anywhere

No matter what kind of work environment you work in, negligence can create a potential hazardous saturation for just about anyone. Workers jumped in to help the man but the nitric acid was quick acting in destroying his flesh and causing permanent damage to his body. Unfortunately it was the worker’s first day on the job, the roof had set to be replaced but it is still unclear as to whether the roof had already passed the city’s inspection or not.


Take Proper Caution

Once an investigation is completed into this accident, the man will be able to file a personal injury case against the employer if there was negligence involved in this situation. Most likely the man will be able to seek compensation for his injuries as well as the loss of earnings he will undoubtedly endure. This is surely one of the worst ways to start the first day at a new job.


Many people can learn a lesson from his man’s unfortunate incident, it is always important to take extra caution on the first day at the job. This type of incident can happen in any kind of occupation in the state of Indiana or anywhere else. It seems there is not much the man could’ve done to avoid this incident, hopefully he can get the proper representation to ensure that he is properly compensated for the damages his is currently suffering and the obstacles he will surely deal with for the rest of his life.