Tips on Recovering Drunk Driver Hit-and-Run Damages

Out of all the personal injury cases that personal injury lawyers see, one of the most common is damages incurred from a hit and run incident, and many of these hit and run cases  can sadly involve someone that is under the influence.  If you find yourself injured because of a hit and run by drunk driver, here’s what you need to know to make sure you recover all of the damages that you deserve.


Make sure the police keep looking


In any hit and run accident, one of the most important things is finding out who is responsible for the incident. Unfortunately however, it’s common for police to stop looking sooner rather than later, and it is up to you to make sure the police continue their investigation so that you’re able to pursue a viable case, and hopefully collect damages down the line.  If the police are successful in identifying the car involved in the accident, especially the driver, your chances of being able to collect on your damages are much greater.  Make sure you keep regular contact with the investigating officer.


In the meantime, collect damages from your insurance company


While you’re waiting for the police to find whoever is responsible for the hit and run accident you were in, you should also be pursuing damages from your own insurance company just in case they are unable to find whoever is responsible. Sometimes it can take months, even years, for a hit and run suspect to be positively identified.  If you wait until this long, your statute of limitations may be expired when it comes to being able to pursue damages from your insurance company. Also, many people are worried their insurance company will raise their rates if they do this, but if you make the claim your injuries were sustained in a hit and run incident, they will not.


It can be scary being involved in a hit and run accident, but don’t let your fears get the best of you.  Make sure the police continue their search and always collect damages from your insurance company.