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Understanding Accident Litigation in Indianapolis

Any injury in Indianapolis, particularly one that could have been avoided with the reasonable care of others, sets off a chain of painful events that is compounded when injury is involved.  An injured victim potentially faces medical treatment, physical therapy, costs for medications and equipment, lost work, and even possibly psychological trauma.  The victim also must find ways to care for family and deal with other aspects of life.  Adding a complicated legal process to this mix can be overwhelming.

Making the decision to pursue litigation

Litigation appears so complicated and time-consuming that you may be enticed to accept a quick insurance settlement offer.  Do not sign that offer without talking to an experienced lawyer first.  Insurance settlements, particularly when handled without legal assistance, seldom provide full compensation for all your losses.  Your attorney can tell you if filing an accident lawsuit is the best option for your case.

Understanding litigation in Indianapolis

There are many phases to the litigation process.  Depending on your case, you may undergo just some of the steps, or you may go through all of them.


Opposing attorneys make a settlement offer in an effort to avoid a civil court case.  With the help of a skilled injury attorney with strong negotiation skills, this option can often you the compensation you need and help you move forward more quickly.

Civil court

You head to civil court when settlement is not the best option for your case.  Here is a summary of what to expect from the civil court process:

  • Initial complaint filing:  First, your attorney outlines the details of your case and itemizes the damages you are seeking and the reasons for those damages.
  • Jury selection:  You generally have the option of choosing between a judge or jury trial.  For jury trials, both attorneys interview and select the jury members.
  • The trial:  Like a criminal trial, the plaintiff has the burden of proof.  Unlike a criminal trial, however, the proof does not have to be beyond a reasonable doubt. Experienced law firms can prove the negligence of the defendant by presenting the needed evidence, including physical evidence from the accident scene, expert witnesses, and even forensic evidence.  A decision is made once all evidence has been heard.  If you win, damages are awarded as appropriate.  If not, your attorney may recommend filing an appeal.

Personal injury litigation requires high-quality legal support

You need to select an attorney with extensive experience and a track record of success handling accident litigation in Indianapolis if you were injured in an accident.  A local attorney who knows state and local laws and processes provides extra benefits for your case.  The attorneys at Yosha Cook & Tisch focus entirely on personal injury cases and offer expertise acquired from decades of experience.  Our attorneys evaluate your case for free and at no obligation. 

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