Unplanned Pregnancies in Indiana

Six years ago a law was passed in Indiana that was supposed to expand benefits under Medicaid and provide free birth control to any mother who was considered to be low income and had given birth recently in the state. Like many other bills in Indianapolis and across the country, this bill was never implemented and seemingly forgotten about.
Many people who work in the healthcare industry in Indianapolis have said that the law would have resulted in fewer unplanned or unwanted pregnancies including fewer abortions.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

Indiana Planned Parenthood recently released a report which showed that almost 6,000 abortions were performed in Indiana in 2010. This figure is a two percent increase over the amount of abortions that were performed in 2009.
As is the case with many politicians around the country, State Senator Luke Kenley was unaware that the free birth control law was never activated because, the Family and Social Services Administration in Indiana never applied for the Federal Medicaid expansion funds that would provide the free birth control that was desperately needed.

Prevention Is Needed

Nationwide statistics show that there is a high probability that teenage girls who get pregnant will get pregnant again within two years. Having children so close together is a serious risk for any mother, not just teenage mothers. Medical experts agree that women who have children as close together as two years or less face serious health risks for themselves like premature labor and for their babies like low birth weight and longer hospital stays after the baby is born.
Many people within Indiana agree that state officials should implement the law as soon as possible. Mothers within Indianapolis and across the state should have access to free birth control because, this would help to lower the amount of unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, reduce the financial burdens on hospitals and so much more.