What To Do When You’re Involved In A Major Accident


If we’re talking car accidents here there are relatively agreed-upon steps that should be taken if indeed you are capable of taking those steps after an accident in traffic occurs. Some of you in fact may even have a little booklet or list in your glove compartment that has been furnished to you by your car insurance agent. If not, get out the pen and pencil.


What to Do in a Traffic Accident


These are the steps to take in the case of a traffic accident and can be found online as well:


Knowing that you have a plan should an accident occur is the first step in the right direction. This list is an example of that. You also want to have emergency supplies in your car such as flares, orange traffic triangles or cones to warn others of the danger.


After seeing to it so that all parties involved are uninjured, if that is actually the case, you need to dial 911 and ask for law enforcement (or ambulance if needed).


One of the next things you do is going to be to call your insurance company to get the ball rolling. If you have towing on your insurance plan they will send someone out if your car isn’t drivable.


Get as much information as possible about the other driver (i.e. their name and address off of their drivers license, their insurance company, the make and model of their car, their license plates, etc.), take pictures with your phone if you can of the scene, get names of witnesses.


Never, ever say that it was your fault. Don’t make accusations – don’t make admissions – just the facts ma’am, just the facts.


This next one is quite a bit after-the-fact but you want to make sure that you are keeping an eye on any and all repairs done to your car as a result of the accident. Watch out that your insurance company doesn’t try to take the cheap way out and don’t be surprised if more things pop up after the accident than were originally detected as far as car repairs or problems.


Accidents Off the Road


If you have an accident in a parking lot you really shouldn’t treat it any differently than an accident in traffic. If there is any damage whatsoever there is going to be a claim. If the person was in the car and you bump them with any considerable speed whatsoever, they could always claim some kind of injury and probably will.


Expect the worse. Get yourself a lawyer just in case, even if your insurance company says they’ll provide one.